Warning Signs That You May Be Dealing With a Gambling Addiction

Gambling can be a dangerous habit, and is even a cause of mental health problems, including thoughts of suicide. If you have thoughts of suicide, call 999 or visit A&E immediately. People with mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to damaging gambling, and may resort to gambling as a way to distract themselves or feel better about themselves. Other causes of harmful gambling include financial crises and a lack of money. To help you with your gambling problem, you can contact StepChange for free debt advice.

Problem gambling

Problem gambling is an addiction that affects a person’s life in a variety of ways, including financial, legal, emotional, and social. The symptoms of problem gambling can range from mild to severe, and they can often worsen over time. Problem gambling used to be known as compulsive gambling or pathological gaming. The term “problem gambling” has also been used to describe an individual’s impulsiveness. It can affect a person of any age or gender, and it can be a lifelong condition.

Signs of a problem

Gambling is an enjoyable pastime when it is done in a fun and carefree spirit, but it can be extremely dangerous if the person is addicted to gambling. Problem gambling is often considered a hidden addiction because there are few visible symptoms, such as a change in mood or physical symptoms. Instead, symptoms are often hidden and hard to identify until it is too late. Here are some warning signs that you may be dealing with a gambling addiction:

Treatment options

There are many treatment options for people who struggle with a gambling problem. These treatments can include counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, or 12-step programs. While you might be resistant to therapy, it is important to realize that therapy can help you regain control of your gambling habits and repair your relationships and finances. In some cases, you may benefit from family therapy or individual therapy. Whatever your particular situation, there is a treatment option for you. To learn more about available treatment options, consult with a licensed addiction counselor.

Common problems

Among the most common problems associated with gambling is an overly-abundant need to win. When a person becomes addicted to gambling, they often lose control of their emotions and start to feel restless and irritable. They may be constantly thinking about their next gambling venture or ways to earn money. They may even lie to friends and family members to justify their gambling habits. If their gambling is causing them financial hardship, they may even start relying on other people for help.

Sources of help

Gambling problems affect more people than you might imagine. Many people who have a problem with gambling will spend all of their money or savings, often even incurring debts to make up for the money they’ve lost. Some even resort to criminal activities to fund their gambling habit. These habits can have devastating effects on all areas of a person’s life, including relationships, health, work, and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are sources of help for gambling problems that are available to people who need it.